About The Institute


Smt. Anju Chaturvedi


In today’s highly competitive globalized world. there need to be a concerted effort in the field of education to provide knowledge and training that meets the industry requirements. In order to equip the next generation with the cutting edge expertise, we at Splendid with the help of highly qualified faculties provide student with a vibrant learning environment, career focused curriculum and orientation programs. At Splendid, we strive to identify and nurture those young minds who have the ability to mould this potential into profitable ventures.

Our Little Story

Splendid is the only allied designing center for conducting both Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing and Fashion Designing Diplomas in Baroda.

The institute is committed to providing quality service in the field of Training and Consultancy and be of service to designing all over India.

The institute constantly endeavors to upgrade the technology and equipment within the International Standards.

The Institute shall constantly enlarge its scope of consultancy service to address to specific Requirements and Related services to emerge as a major source of knowledge based for designing institute.

The institute also Trains and Empowers its staff in order to achieve its objectives set in the policy Statement.

The emphasis is on practical training. Students are given training on actual jobs with a view to develop skill and high proficiency theoretical knowledge the practical training is also imparted. Audio Visual aids, film and charts are also used in imparting training.